waking up to a chorus of children chanting “auntie katie” at my window

a soaking wet, sweaty head planted in the middle of my formerly dry tshirt

being covered head to toe in red dirt at all times

gifts of flowers, weeds, rocks, shells, feathers and leaves, all presented as if they were worth a million dollars

tickle fights

constant laughter

late nights with no power, a trillion candles, rice pudding and missionary friends, sharing stories about their days or life reminiscing about life back home

walking through the village with twelve children trailing behind me singing “Jesus is Lord forever..” in lugandan

the beauty of rocking a baby to sleep in the quiet of the night, under a zillion magnificent starts in a sky bigger than eternity

the splendor and glory of Gods creation all around me

such are the joys of my daily life in uganda. every day is different, every day is exciting, but through it all, there is one constant – love. the love of the children and the love of the mamas and the love i feel welling up inside me every time their little hands curl around mine – the love of God

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  1. I've been having our sponsored child in Mubende teach us a few phrases in Luganda 🙂 What is the best way to learn that language? How long did it take you to get comfortable with it?


  2. Katie, a friend told me about you, I am glad I found your Blog and I am going to read it all, you are an amazing person. I really haven't met you, but I can imagine how God's Love shines your face every day


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