With such great pride the tiny, barefoot and bald, coffee-bean colored little girl showed her teacher the closet-sized room she calls home. with such great excitement she introduced her new “mzungu” teacher to her mother who, upon seeing a white person for the first time, shrieked with glee and examined her closely. immediately a feast of rice and boiled bananas, the cheapest african staples, and of course all this family could afford, was prepared. these people did not apologize for the fact that there was no table or chairs for the meal or t he fact that all seven people could hardly fit comfortably in the house. they fed the teacher like she was a queen and wished they could give her something more, but rejoiced in what they had.

the african people have pride. not sinful pride, beautiful pride. pride in themselves, in what they have and what they have accomplished despite their circumstances, because they know it all comes from the Lord. they dont say “excuse the dirty, tiny house” or “sorry we don’t have much”; they say “look at what the Lord has dome for us! look at what God has provided!” they dont have much, but what they have they recognize as gifts from the Lord. thesse people know that blessings come from the Father alone, and with the things they have they boast of His greatness.

how much this teacher can learn from her students. how much i can learn from these people who so often seem to have nothing, and yet have EVERYTHING.

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  1. Hi Kate. Just returned from the Ravenwood football game. So many people ask about and send their best. Many friends pray for you daily. Fall is in the air as temps are cooling.Miss you so. All my love. Dad


  2. Hi Katie, It sounds like your spirit is soaring in the midst of so much misery. What a wonderful gift you are to these people. As the song says..”will you be the one to show them Jesus”? And u r!! God bless u and keep u safe. Lovingly in Christ…Brenda


  3. How I need to learn this lesson! All that I have is the Lord’s. There is no reason for me to be ashamed or apologetic for what I have, or the condition it is in — it is all a blessing from Him!

    Thank you, Katie.

    If you send out e-mail updates, can I be added? marniwalsh@gmail.com


  4. Oh my goodness – conviction. How often have I made excuses for the state of my home, car, life, etc!! We have so much more than we need – and still it's not enough. LORD, give me a thankful heart! One that is blessed to share whatever I have because it was given from You!!


  5. I am in the process of reading your book and upon finding your facebook page, came to fine your blog. I decided to start at the beginning and work my way to the current posts. Obviously it wasn't long before I found this post. It brought me to tears and here is why….

    I have a photography company that God has built with me standing in awww. Sometimes I literally don't know how pictures come out as I don't ever remember taking them… it's all God. Well today I had a session in my home (which is where I do all of my indoor sessions as I don't have a studio). I found myself apologizing over and over again that the space was small to the clients that were entrusting me with their “memories”. I find myself doing this a lot.

    Tonight reading your blog this post brought me to my knees. I need to stop apologizing. God has given us so much. We have never been hungry, without a home, or clothing or most of all HIS love!


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