its this feeling of euphoria that overwhelms the whole of me. its the feeling i get after spending three hours slashing my grass in the hot african sun and then tumbling into my freezing shower sweaty and exhausted. its the feeling i get when there are 30 kids taking a bath in my house and soap and water is flying EVERYWHERE. its the feeling i get when i am woken up at six am by being jumped on by three beautiful girls who call me mom. its the feeling i get after a long and usually hilarious morning of teaching kindergarten as i begin the three mile walk home, sticky with porridge and covered in chalk dust. its the feeling i get when i pour out every ounce of love and passion in my small self and, miraculously, the Lord fills me right back up again. it takes control and makes me want to dance down the road and sing and the top of my lungs and run a thousand miles. it makes me laugh uncontrollably and it makes my whole body shake and my arms get covered in goose bumps. it isnt just happiness. it is this elation that only comes from the Lord. and in these moments, no matter how breif, i believe that i know just a little of what Heaven must be. and it is better that any pleasure that comes from this world. it makes me want to be a better person, to give all of myself to the Lord, because there is no better feeling than this basking in His presence. i want to stay forever wrapped in His arms.

and these moments, these little glimpses of something better and higher than the world that we live in keep my face smiling, my eyes shining and my heart dancing in my chest. it will keep me pouring out every ounce of everything that i have because there is no better blessing than the opportunity to give yourself away.

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  1. Katie, I have been looking for your blog everyday. So glad you & your little girls are doing well. Where do you get all that energy but from the Lord. Our trip to SC was fine but we both became ill on the way home & are still fighting it.What you are doing is beyond my imagination! Pray for your safety at all times.Love & hugs,Grandma


  2. katie,i absolutely love reading this each time i go to my grandmas! i wish i could afford to call u with all my questions. Ughanda sounds amazing. Each time i have to draw a map in geograpy class i make sure to draw your house. My teacher said if i knew the exact place i could get extra credit. Someday i hope i can.i pray for your heath and happiness!! love and miss you—your cousin Lakyn


  3. Helen Keller once said, I am only one person, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.” Mother Teresa never believed she could change the condition of the dying poor of Calcutta. She believed she could do something for the ones in front of her. Loosing the bonds of injustice is about being willing to do what we can. I LOVE YOU and keep doing what you can.


  4. Katie–
    I just had hip surgery and told a friend I was bored being laid up…just as I was about to complain, she directed me to your blog. WHAT A BLESSING!!! I pray to have half the faith you have–how inspiring and amazing it has been to read your words the last few days…I started at the beginning so you might not get this comment since it's in 2008. I have been to orphanages in Mexico and Haiti and when I read your words and close my eyes, I can imagine I am there. Thank you for blessing me…
    Columbus, Ohio


  5. i love leaving a comment – and then reading your next blog (I'm way behind! its 2011 and i'm reading 2008 blogs!!) and seeing you make a similar comment. Its like I'm on the same wavelength with you even though it was years ago! I feel like I'm on this journey with you – in fast forward. I've read the book, and I know how it ends but its just so much fun to get all these other blog entries in between the book's records! Katie – you are such a picture of Christ! so humble, such a servant, such love! I'm blessed to know you through your book and blog! 🙂


  6. Katie,

    Your words have brought me to tears countless times over the past 3 days. Both tears of joy and tears of sadness. I found your book last year at a youth conference in Steubenville, Ohio and finally read it over the last few days. It was gods plan for me to discover you and your work in Uganda, I just know it. You are such an unbelievable inspiration to me. I wish I had the words to describe it. I pray to someday have the abundance of love and faith that you have. I was in Consuelo, Dominican Republic last year and many of the moments and feelings you mention bring back such vivid memories of that experience. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me! Thank you so, so much!

    Prayers and Blessings,


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