It was a cold, rainy night as I headed out of the supermarket on Main Street. Huddled on the street corner was a little boy, sopping wet and shivering. \at the moment, all I really wanted to think about was getting home, getting dry, and crawling into my little bed, but a voice inside told … Continue reading

Just when I think that the world might crash down around me, something miraculous happens and our Lord catches all the pieces and puts them right back where they need to be. The second semester of school ended yesterday, which means HOLIDAYS for all 150 of my children. It also means that I HAVE to … Continue reading

my youngest, Sumini and her friend Christinapicking the stones out of the beans to prepare for friday night madness :)making some music in the fromt yardfriday night fellowshipthe food line in my back yard. we go through about 50 pounds of rice and beans in one night!my daugther Scovia's 6th birthday party. (since none of … Continue reading