and there it was.

“God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:6

the last week has been filled with encouragement. it doesn’t make it hurt any less, but it lifts my heart to a place where the hurt is at least tolerable. i feel and see God working. i hate that my time in the US away from my kids is necessary. but with each new encouragement, each new person that gets involved or old friend that is still excited about helping me, i fell God’s purpose for my time here. to everyone who has donated money, time, resources, or just a word of encouragement, thank you. you have been a family to one very lonely girl.

* * *

on sundays i go to my parent’s catholic church where i grew up. my favorite part of the mass is communion, and i never miss a chance to pass it out. being able to look into each person’s eyes and know that on some level, they are experiencing the same hurt that i am, the same joy that i am, the same separation from the Maker that we long to be with, is the greatest blessing. this week as i was giving communion to one lady in the long line of people, she looked at me and said “Welcome home.” i don’t know this woman, but for that instant she knew me. and she said “Welcome home.” it was as if a flood gate broke open from back behind my eyes and the tears came in an unstoppable river. “Welcome home.” i wanted to ask her, “where is home?”

i have come to the realization that i am somewhat of a nomad on this earth. i am learning to be ok with that. human beings long for a place to call home, a nest, a sanctuary of their own. i have many and none. for so long my parent’s house was my “home”, my safe place, and now is a place where i feel strangely disconnected. my apartment is “home” for now, but doesn’t feel personal yet. my room there is plastered with pictures of my children in my other “home” in uganda, the only home that truly feels like MY place, the only home that i created for myself, and yet a place that i cannot be.

“Welcome home,” she said. and in my mind ten little bald, brown people ran toward me shrieking, “MOMMY, WELCOME HOOOOOME!” and squeezed me until i threatened to burst. my heart lives in so many places. with so many people. but God whispers to me that i really only have one home, and that is with Him. i will never be content here. i will always be a nomad. it was meant to be that way. my heart was created with a desire for a home, a nest, a sanctuary, and that can only be found with Him in Heaven. and i will continue bouncing from one home to another, loving with everything i have in whatever location i am currently residing, excitedly awaiting the day when I am called heavenward and He says to me, “Welcome HOME.”

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  1. I wish I had been as insightful about God’s will for us at your age. I love reading about you and your children and your work. I hope to travel to Uganda soon to adopt and do some missions work while waiting. Do you do speaking engagements? I would love to have you come speak at our church while you are in the US. I am in North Alabama. Please e-mail me if you are interested.( prayers are with you and your children while you are seperated.


  2. Katie – you are a beautiful person inside and out……thank you for keeping us all humble here in our ‘earthly’ homes. You are an inspiration to all you touch.


  3. Katie, I continue to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing your heart. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be away from your sweet children. I pray the Lord will use this time away in mighty, powerful, awesome ways. Cling to Jesus….


  4. sweet friend … i long to see the post where you are back in Uganda and sharing w/ us all that God is doing there w/ your family and friends .. I am so enjoying our time together and just know God as brought you in my (and Suzanne’s life) for a reason … You encourage us, you get us, and you are living out a life of faith in front of us … Your 10 children and our 10 children what a great site that would be if they could all play together … love ya sister …


  5. Katie-You don’t know me, but I just moved back to the states from Honduras. I’m currently in Franklin, TN. I read your blog while living in Honduras and feel a connection with you since you have experienced many of the same things that I have…only in a different part of the world. I would really like to meet with you and talk to you about your time in Africa and find out if there is anything that I could get involved with over there. Or just to talk to an ordinary girl like me that has done something extraordinary. Please email me. I know it may seem weird…although I feel like it sometimes, I’m not a freak. Just trying to find my place in between to “homes.” My email address is I look forward to hearing from you. Your sister in Christ- Jessi


  6. Hi Katie – my friend Brandi told me about you…I would love to know more about you and your family’s needs and everyday life. I am very new to reading blogs. If you could direct me to that information, it would be my pleasure to read it.


  7. It has been such a blessing to read your blog- I started at the beginning and just finished.Gwen and Suzanne are dear, soul-sisters of mine. The Lord has given me such a rich treasure in them as they “get” me.I so connect with your heart as part of mine also resides in Africa! I just ache to return. Hope that you and Suz make the trip to Texas, and we can help out those precious children of yours– all of them. Oh, they are so incredibly beautiful. πŸ™‚


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