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  1. i know you long to hold your girls and to touch all the children in your program … you are such a beautiful person on the inside and out … i am thankful to call you sister … i love you so so so much .. Nkwagala nnyo nnyo nnyo nnyo nnyo!


  2. although I don’t know you- I was once an orphan and now a mother- and can relate on both sides of wanting love and loving my children. You are in inspiration to me.. I have 3 of my own and one that is not.. but hope that one day I will have many more I can call my own but are not biological. I know God desires for every orphan to be loved and to feel his love.. and I am so excited for what God is doing through you!!! Thank you for acting on the passion that God has given you.. you are a blessing to many!!!


  3. Hi Katie, great blog and great ministry, God bless! Here is a website of a ministry that works in Uganda, too. bereanway.org. I told them about your blog. I hope you can be an encouragement to eachother.


  4. Hi Katie….I am super touched by your blog, your courage, your Faith, your heart….my husband and I have just started the preliminary steps of adoption and Ethiopia is very strong on our hearts…thank you for allowing me a wider view into the lives there….I would love to put your link on my blog….is there a code for that? THanks so much! And may his blessings and protection be poured out richly on you as you continue your ministry!


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