Sweet friends,

I come to you today on my knees, asking, begging you to join me. My family and I are staying in prayer today over sweet Maggie Oatsvall. She is the daughter of my dear sweet friend Gwen (yes! gwen@amazima.org who answers all your questions and comments, haha). Maggie had surgery on her head last month (she had a scalp extender put in to prepare her skin for reconstructive surgery later on; her head was badly burnt in China when she was an infant.) The scalp extender was injected with saline as planned last week, but the skin was stretched too fast and opened (it is not supposed to do this!) causing an infection. Maggie is scheduled for emergency surgery this afternoon.

I am sad and angry that the surgery may have to be re-done after a whole month of discomfort for sweet little Maggie, not to mention a lot of transitioning and sacrificing by her whole family, especially her mom (they are pretty much house-bound due to the open port in Maggie’s head.) I know, as Gwen and I discussed last night, that God can do a miracle for Maggie. I also know that if he doesn’t, He is still God, He is still good, and He will lead the Oatsvalls down this path He has for them.

I also ask for prayer for Gwen. If you don’t know her, you should. She is a courageous warrior. She is one of very few people who really get my heart, and she is one of even fewer people who live completely by faith, completely trusting, worrying only about today and totally obeying the Lord. She and her husband Scott are amazimg people with huge hearts for the orphans of the world. Even in the midst of all this with Maggie, they are bringing two more little ones home from UGANDA. When they recently were asked by an orphanage here in Uganda to consider taking a boy who has some special needs, they excitedly agreed to pray about it. COME ON! How many people in the middle of a series of surgeries with their first special needs child would just jump on taking another one? ONLY faithful servants, that is for sure. I so overflow with love for this family who have taken me as their sister and come along side me wholeheartedly.

Oh please cover them in prayer today. Ask that they feel filled with the Peace that transcends all understanding, ask that they feel courage and strength for all God has called them to, ask that they feel refresfed, the beautiful children of God that they are. Ask for wisdom and ease for the doctors that care for Maggie, and freedom from fear and pain for this sweet child of the King who has been trough so much already.

Here they are, my precious ones! Maggie bandaged and resilient, Gwen displaying her orphan-advocate T-shirt, boldly declaring God’s word and love!

Gwen, I love you. You make my heart sing. I am always inspired by your blind faith, your crazy, overwhelming love for the Father, His children, and all those around you. I am so blessed to call you my sister.

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  1. I have been praying for this dear family and will continue to do so.Thank you Katie for your sweet comment on my blog. I have actually been following your blog for awhile but this is my first comment (it sometimes takes me awhile to come out of my lurker status 🙂 Your story is amazing and I am inspired and encouraged by your faith. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful children, especially the ones where they have their hands lifted up in Praise to our King!Thank you for all that you do for these precious children.Your new friend,Ericahttp://prayingforyouyou.blogspot.com


  2. OH Katie…thank you for your incrdible post…we will definately be falling before our father in heaven asking for a miracle.FAther God…you are the miracle giver, life giver and sustainer. We come humbly before your throne of grace and ask for healing for Maggie…we pray father for complete healing and restoration of Maggie’s body. Please Father God, pour out your healing touch. Give the doctors wisdom and skill in everything that they are doing. Cover the family with your grace, mercy and peace. Give strength when they are weak…may they fly on the wings of eagles…bring people into their lives to minister to them at this time in any way that they need. Thank you for allowing us your children to pray on behalf…and we are joined together around the world, and ask for a miracle. In Jesus name…Amen


  3. Katie—I will agree with you in prayer tonight for Gwen’s beautiful daughter….I absolutely enjoy reading your blogs and feeling connected to what you are doing for God’s kingdom. Thanks you for being such and example of sacrifice. God Bless, Sarah in KC


  4. Katie—I will agree with you in prayer tonight for Gwen’s beautiful daughter….I absolutely enjoy reading your blogs and feeling connected to what you are doing for God’s kingdom. Thanks you for being such and example of sacrifice. God Bless,


  5. i love ya sister and i know if you were here you would bring me homemade chocolate chip cookies .. thanks for the prayers … we luffa you here ….P.S thanks for a few extra cleansing tears … hee hee


  6. I am praying for sweet Maggie and for her precious family…they truly are an inspiration. Gwen has the capability to make you feel like you’ve known her forever even if you’ve only exchanged a few emails…she is a gem, for sure!Katie we continue to pray for you and your ministry and your sweet children…speaking of inspirations! YOU are one, and I praise God for how He has called you to this and how you are obedient along your journey.God bless you richly…Laine


  7. Praying with you, Sweet Katie, for Maggie, Gwen & their entire family.BTW – many, many people get your heart, Precious Lady, for we see Jesus BIG in you—and LOVE IT (and YOU!)Sweet blessings,Amy in OR


  8. I love that this blog is not a story about a girl – but a story about the family of God helping the family of God! I love you too Gwen – because you are part of our Christ and we are joined by His Spirit! Praying blessings over your family today (yes, years after this blog was posted! hehe) that the LORD might give you special kisses on the cheek today!


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