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  1. Oh my goodness…the most beautiful children….created in the image of God. Thank you for posting these incredible photos. We continue to pray!!

    ….”Oh God…the harvest is many but the workers are few..may I be one of the workers…Amen”.

    Thank you Katie for being a servant for the Lord.



  2. oh that little bit of a girl in the green dress swinging her little white bowl….

    and the other little in the orange dress…

    and those faces…

    i cannot begin to imagine all that we’ll be seeing in a few short weeks.


  3. Katie,
    Simply Love!! Thank you for sharing simple words, but with so much meaning. The photos of the children are BEAUTIFUL!! We are blessed each time you post:)
    We are praying for you & your children.


  4. THE EYES HAVE IT! Thank you for feeding me a little bit of encouragement today…you are so right, it is He who does all things…and He does it in love!

    Joy for your day…as we pray!


  5. Mom said…those children are so precious and beautiful. Katie, you keep dancing your dance among injustice by feeding and nourishing those little ones. Can’t wait to hug and kiss you. Love you so much xoxoxo


  6. And there He is…in every runny nose, every wide eye, every tear, every smile. It’s our Savior you’re serving. Just beautiful.

    Loving you from Cincinnati,


  7. i look forward to every post to see those precious children made in the perfect image of our Creator. oh how my heart loves them. we are figuring it out slowly, but my heart just can’t get to uganda soon enough.
    thank you for sharing, for serving for loving.


  8. oh my gosh. I know I don’t know you, but I love you. You are such an awesome person and I hope one day to meet you! I found you through my little sisters blog (emonamission) and I found out yesterday after raving about you to my mom that you and her write back and forth. Wow. Small world we live in! Anyways, all that to say that your doing a amazing thing and me and my husband have decided that we are going to live on beans and rice for a week every month and send you the money we save on grocery’s so you can feed your beautiful babies! Keep up the good work! and post as much as possible! I love reading about your life and children!


  9. This post was so touching. I absolutely LOVE it when you post pictures anyway, but this one was very poignant. Thank you.


  10. Beautiful… Beautiful…
    I crave seeing the pictures you post! Thank you for sharing your work. God works in such big ways!!! Take care. Praying for you.


  11. Katie katie katie.

    i head to Gulu in 23 days (not that I’m counting:]) and keep pulling up your blog over and over and over again (even though i’ve already read all the entries..haha)…just to look at the faces of these precious children. oh goodness. my heart BURSTS.

    i know i’ve told you this before, but here’s a reminder. the stuff God is doing in and through you displayed on this crazy little blog has been HUGELY influential in my life.

    BAH. yay Jesus.


  12. Katie…been reading here for a while…can’t remember if I ever commented or not. Love to read about what’s going for you there….

    I’m sure you’re no doubt way too busy, but I tagged you for a meme on your favourite things about being a mum. I tagged you more to send my readers to your blog than to actually have you do it! So…no pressure!!! Keep up the good work.


  13. I’m running out of words and ways to tell you how much your posts bless and touch me. Love you and pray that God will continue to give you everything you need to serve those beautiful children and people. Thanks for the pictures…my heart is bursting.


  14. Beautiful. God’s work, those gorgeous children, and your heart for serving others. Reading your blog is the highlight of my week, but it makes it hard for me to think of anything other than spending July loving on those wonderful kids.

    God is great! Praying for you, Katie!

    In Christ,


  15. Wow. I'm not even sure what else to say. I found your blog today and read the whole thing. I don't think I've stopped crying/laughing since I started reading 5 hours ago… You're beyond inspirational. Praise God!

    Amy & Phil
    Hiram, GA


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