Home sweet home.

I probably have about two people who still check my blog after such a long absence, but it was much needed time to be still with the Lord and love on and be loved by dear friends and family. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I cannot describe the blessing that took place on July 17th at our dinner. It could not have been more God-orchestrated. From the songs that were sung to the words that were spoken and the people who filled the room to listen to God’s heart for the orphan, perfect. Thank you to everyone who played a part, helped set up, made center pieces, sewed table cloths, brought me coffee, prayed for me in the bathroom ;), prayed in general, came from near and far, sponsored a table, sponsored a child, I could go on and on. I am still in awe and praising Jesus for my fantastic board who made this possible and ensured that almost all the work was done before I got home, leaving me with nothing to worry about!!!

On a different praising God note, the day after the fund raiser, I began to have sever stomach pain on my right side. I took more ibuprofen than is even normal and the pain continued to get worse. I continued to travel to Chicago to see my family, but as the pain persisted I went to the emergency room. After hours of testing and finding nothing, they sent me back. The next day as a rash emerged from my belly button to my back, my Nana guessed it was shingles and was right. Needless to say the next few days consisted of the most excruciating pain of my life… they just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger. I am much better now, was so thankful to have one of my best friends travel back to Uganda with me and be able to help me get through the airport, just feeling a bit itchy πŸ™‚

I am amazed by God’s grace. I fully believe and understand that satan hates the work that Amazima Ministries is doing in Uganda. I see it all the time. The closer and closer we get to the center of God’s will for our lives, the harder he tried to discourage, lie, destroy. Like I said, Friday night was phenomenal. People heard God’s heart spoken, people were brought to tears, I believe people were changed. Not to mentioned that funds were raised that will keep our program running for a little bit longer. Shingles are probably just his way of letting me know he is not happy, but if he thought pain was going to keep me away from my children he was wrong again. But I continue to be in awe of the Lord’s hedge of protection around me, no doubt due in part to all o f your prayers. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever and the purposes of his heart through all generations. The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him. I am not sure that shingles could be considered a blessing, but I could never think of a more perfect time for them to occur. A week earlier I would have been unable to help set up for the fundraiser, help with the little last minute details, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to speak. A week later I would have been back in Uganda, without very adequate medical care, and I’m not sure we ever would have figured out what it was. All this said. If shingles is what it takes to remind me of His fantastic plan and the angels He has encamped all around me and my family and this ministry… then bring it on.

Being home is relieving and peaceful and wonderful. How beautiful it was to jump into 40 waiting pairs of arms (yes, all the neighbors were here too…) as they screamed and danced and jumped “Mommy”. There truly is no greater job πŸ™‚ From the minute I got here we have been busy. Sick children, Karamajong children with what seems like a hundred jiggers in their feet, birthday parties, meetings, and the list goes on. I am happy and I am full.

Oh, and I am back to my routinely blogging… Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!! Love from Uganda πŸ™‚

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  1. …”God in heaven we thank you so much for caring for Katie during her stay in the US. Thank you for all the incredible miracles you performed through her and those who helped with every fundraiser and all those people behind the scenes to bring glory to your name and awareness to your children who are suffering. We praise your Holy Name.

    We ask now that you continue to heal Katie from shingles…minister to her spirit at this time. Bring healing to her body and strength for each new day. We know that you are doing a mighty work and we pray for increased protection from the evil one who hates when we your children do anything in your name. We pray for continued financial support for Amazima ministries and everyone involved.

    Please pour out your spirit over all those involved in caring for the orphans and widows of this world. May we all be sensitive to your leading in our lives. Thank you again for Katie and her family and friends….in Jesus name I pray, Amen!


  2. Katie, welcome home!!! I'm SO SORRY you have shingles. My dad got them and I have never seen someone in so much pain. It was awful. Praising God it all happened exactly when and where it was supposed to happen. We'll pray for a speedy recovery. I'm sure there are some amazing wild plants around your home that are helpful to stop the itches. ouch!!
    I truly wish I could have made a trip to TN to see and hear you speak and see first hand God's miracles!!! I'm so happy you're blogging again… they are my day's delight when they pop up!!!


  3. I've been checking often to see if you were back! YAY! Patience did me well this time around. I'm sure many will get back to check daily for your postings.

    Glad you are well again. Although we've never met, I've missed your encouraging and inspirational words.


  4. Katie,
    We are so glad you are back with your girls and feeling better.

    Rest assured many, many, people have checked your blog constantly to see that you have arrived in Uganda and are with your daughters!!
    We enjoyed reading Renee's blog too.
    Prayers your way.
    Cousin, Sharon–Williamsport


  5. I was so excited to see that you are back in Uganda…though I'm sure it was such a blessing to see family and friends! My sister Kelly got to meet you in TN and I am $75 away from sponsoring one of your precious children. I would love to adopt one but for now, since we have five of our own, I will have to settle for sponsoring one. You have no idea how your words have impacted me…made me once again so amazed at how God works and how He loves the orphans. Please know my family's love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your little ones!


  6. Ok So if I am one of your 2 readers – welcome back to your children and so great to hear you are there again. No you have never met me and it feels weird to post but what you are doing, I find so beautiful and I truly wish I had the courage to do the same. The best I can do is read and follow your work .

    God's Blessings


  7. Katie dear, it was go good to see you here in Williamsport! I have been praying for your shingles to go away.I have missed your blog and have been praying for you and your girls…may God bless you and keep you safe and well!


  8. I am new to your blog. In hopes of feeling less like a stalker I thought I would at least introduce myself. A friend from my town shared your blog with me last week and God has really used it to move in my heart and get me thinking. I just graduated from college and am trying to figure out a direction. The more I hear about what you're doing, the more I want to do what you're doing. I am going to be praying for direction and until I get a clear sense of what that is, I will be “stalking” and praying for you and the ministry God has given you. Keep blessing God.

    Heather M.


  9. Hi Katie,

    Your posts are so entertaining, and I love reading about your children and all God is doing through you while you're in Uganda! My name is Erin, and I am a college student with mild cerebral palsy. I’m a special education major and have hopes of becoming a disability services director of a university after graduate school. I have just launched a blog that is still getting started, but with the title β€œEmpowering People and Changing Lives,” I hope that it will provide a wealth of resources for people who care for children, specifically those who are affected by disability. I will also be chronicling some personal experiences and will be sharing some thoughts about those along the way. I am also extremely interested in international adoption, and I thought you just might be the perfect person to have some information for me! The blog’s address is http://empowerpeoplechangelives.blogspot.com. From there, you will be able to read the posts I have written, find out all about me, check out my blogroll, look at many resources I have gathered, and contact me.

    Look forward to reading many more of your posts! Happy blogging!


  10. Hey sister!

    I am so glad to hear that you are better from the shingles and that you made it home safe! Gwen's garage sale went great today! Hugs, Kisses, and Prayers to you all!!

    Much love,


  11. Our family (deep in the heart of Texas) has been following your work in Uganda for a few months(after getting your link from a friend who recently adopted from Ethiopia), and we are amazed by how the Lord is working through your life to touch so many (there in Uganda as well as in the States and in cyberspace). We have been keeping you, your girls, and your ministry in prayer and will continue to do so. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus (the One who sent you) and Satan will never have a foothold! So glad that the victory belongs to the Lord. Blessings! The Lord is very good indeed, and He will continue to provide and protect as many are reached for His Kingdom. πŸ™‚


  12. katie, i just recently started reading your blog and i have been checking back daily. God is using you and your life to really remind me how things should be. i take His Grace for granted. thank you for your heart for Him and your sweet spirit. i look forward to following your journey. much love to you and your sweet children.


  13. katie, i just recently started reading your blog and i have been checking back daily. God is using you and your life to really remind me how things should be. i take His Grace for granted. thank you for your heart for Him and your sweet spirit. i look forward to following your journey. much love to you and your sweet children.


  14. You are so inspiring! I have only read a few of your posts but am going to read more. I am currently a graduate student in education and I honestly feel that the Lord is calling me to maybe work with children in a different setting, not sure where He wants me yet, trying to figure that one out!! It is so amazing to see what you are doing!


  15. I have been watching your blog for some time and I wanted to let you know that I pray for you and you inspire me to seek God more deeply and radically than ever before! Keep resting in Him.


  16. Katie, you don't know me, my name is Julie Schenck and have been friends with the Klippenstien's for years. I know it must have been so very hard to be away from your kids for such a long time, but I want to affirm in you that your presence here for a few weeks changed lives here, in Franklin and Brentwood! Sunday the 19th, Kim and Kelly came to church and in the process of lifting you and your ministry up in our prayer time – Kim, led the ENTIRE sunday school discussion. Kim and Kelly (!) could not stop talking about all that they witnessed the night of the 17th. She spoke with the clarity of the Holy Spirit as he led her and our class discussion. It was clear to us all that your message needed to be shared. And how beautiful it was. (Kim say she gets credit for teaching a sunday school lesson! – I guess we will give her that one:) )

    I have posted your blog and your website on my facebook page and continue to tell anyone who will listen about you! I am sharing your story with my girls (8 and 12)
    and will continue to tell others about it. You have blessed me in knowing that one person that follows the call of God can do something significant. You have challenged my status quo of thinking. THANK YOU! I need it.

    I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog and praying for you. I will particularly pray for the safety of you and your girls and that the Holy Spirit will guard you from the enemy and his tricks and the evil attempts to derail you.

    I pray that you are recovering quickly from the shingles. I hope you got whatever the medication is that makes it less severe. ( my mom had them a couple of years ago)

    Again, thank you for your message and your ministry.

    Love – Julie


  17. I just recently found your blog and have been reading earlier entries. Just wanted you to know that you and your children are in my prayers. I have been telling lots of people about your ministry and the awesome work that God is doing.


  18. So glad you are safely home, and thankful for all you have done while here in TN! We were at the dinner on the 17th and I just wanted to tell you how blessed we were to be part of what God is doing. Our hearts were touched, changed, and made ready for His next adventure for our family. God is guiding us, after 4 domestic adoptions, to seek out another. The faces of His precious African children are ever before us as we pray.


  19. Still here, sweetheart! Not going anywhere! Except maybe someday…please, God?…to Uganda! πŸ™‚ I need me some babies to love on! πŸ™‚

    Welcome home (to Uganda, AND the blog!)

    Hugs…Nancy in CT


  20. Glad you made it back. I'm sure people are still checking the blog…I know I am. I grabbed your button and added to my new blog and Gwen is a new-found sis. We are praying for you Katie. My kids think their little sister is somewhere among you! May we seek His face!



  21. AHHHHH Katie we are still here and have missed hearing from you. Glad you are back home and hopefully healing, i'm sure life is busy and that the children missed you. I'm sure they are showering you with love.

    God Bless,

    Kim B.


  22. Katie!!

    Welcome home! I can only imagine what a love fest must have ensued upon your arrival. πŸ™‚ Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to watch all the hugs and kisses. So grateful for God's provision for Amazima at the fundraiser and His watch care over you with the Shingles. How gracious is God?!! I have to say, selfishly I was so excited to see your post today – feels like the world is back to normal now that you are blogging again. πŸ™‚ Love you and your family. Can't wait to see you in under 40 days when we come with HopeChest! Praying for you in the meantime! Amy


  23. Katie, I have been following your amazing blog for awhile now and am so proud of you.

    I am a pharmacist, and wanted you to be aware that there are prescription meds that can lessen the effects of shingles if you start taking it as soon as you have been afflicted. Once someone has shingles, they are prone to having them again. You might have your parents talk to your stateside doctor and send a filled prescription to you to keep on hand. It will save you hours of pain by acting proactively if you should get shingles again. Many people get them about once a year or so, but others get them much more often.

    Blessings to you in Christ~ Liz


  24. I have been checking your blog obsessively too! πŸ™‚ Awesome to hear about the fundraiser, and that you are healed, and even more about your homecoming. As Linn would say, “YIPPEE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Sending big ((((((()))))))s for you and your precious kiddos and praising God for all He's doing through you!


  25. Your inspiring faith is insane. You have no idea the impact that you have had on my choices and life. Blessings will pour on you like rain. Your obeidience is phenominal. You are loved and prayed for.


  26. Katie! I heard about your blog from a girl named Grace at a Set Apart Girls Conference by Eric and Leslie Ludy. Having such a heart for orphans, I was instantly drawn to your blog. I love reading everything God is doing in and through you and am greatly expectant to see His will fulfilled in my life. So anyways, keep posting, I am a faithful reader and prayer!

    I don't know you, but I love you and your heart for the LORD and your heart for orphans! God be with you and strengthen you, my prayers are with you.


  27. Hi Katie,
    I was sent your blog from a friend as I just got back from Uganda. I understand missing it when you aren't there! Keep on in the knowledge that He who called you is faithful. I'm praying for you and yours.
    Mukama acuuwe omukisa,


  28. I have so enjoyed your blog. My friend who lives near Nashville sent me the link. What an amazing minstry God has given you! I will pray for you and the beautiful children God has entrusted to you! I am so inspired by your desire to do the will of God. It truly encourages me that it is totally possible to follow in obedience! May the Lord continue His work that He has called you to do!


  29. Found your blog a few days ago, and have read it from beginning to end. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your part of God's story. Will be praying and supporting you and telling others to visit this blog.


  30. You could not possibly get to read all the comments with the tasks ahead. But know that we will continue to pray for the safety of your family, and the grace, peace, and glory of Jesus to chase you until you come back to the US again.

    Til then, Pastor Steve


  31. Welcome Home, Katie. So glad your time in the US was successful and that you are recovering from your attack of shingles. Love that you find the blessing in the midst of the course – so much power in that! God is GOOD – all the time! πŸ™‚ Praying that He continues to give you every single cent and ounce of energy you need, my Friend!

    Sweetest blessings,
    Amy in OR


  32. Praise God you are safely back in Uganda! Your children must be thrilled!!!!

    Yes, the enemy would love to see this ministry closed,but…

    ” Don't be afraid or discouraged.. the battle is not your battle, it is God's. Just stand strong in your place and you will see the Lord save you… Don't be afraid or discouraged, because the Lord is with you.”
    2 Chron. 20:15 & 17

    God bless you Katie & those precious children,



  33. Welcome Home…..
    I will be praising Jesus and thanking Him for all that He is doing with this ministry and for how He is watching over you and your girls.
    Hope you are all better now.
    God's peace and protection.


  34. glad you're back! i subscribed awhile ago, been wondering what you're up to in the states and anxiously awaiting your first post back in uganda! i actually randomly found out what was going on in the meantime, when a friend visited a friend in Tennessee and got to go to your banquet! i couldn't believe she got to meet you! i'm sure you met a ton of new people, but here's the gal i'm speaking of: tawtieandobie.blogspot.com

    love your heart, compassion, and obedience.


  35. 91 comments and counting….your work goes so far beyond the children of Uganda. Praising God you continue to answer His call – over and over and over again. The Center of His Will is an amazing place.


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