2010 years ago, Jesus changed the world.

I bet, if we would let Him, He would do it again today. And EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I would like to invite you to go with me on a journey. Almost exactly 2 and a half years ago I stepped out of my life of comfort to go on a journey with my Savior. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what this journey was going to look like. I HAD NO IDEA. And I am so thankful, because it has indeed been more than all I could have ever asked or imagined. It is a journey in which I learn a little more every day about God’s awesome nature and his extravagant compassion. It is a journey on which I strive each day to give a little more of myself to Him and a little less of myself to, well, myself. I have been opened to ways I never could have imagined to see Jesus’s heart for the poor, and His grief over those who neglect them. I have been shown that the way I was choosing to live my life before this journey was not only intolerable, but impossible for someone who claimed to believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, for the record, I do. This journey has not only changed my perspective, it has changed my priorities. And the best part is this: it is FAR from over.

Recently I have been blessed to listen to the preachings of a man named David Platt. More accurately, I have been blessed to listen to the preachings of a man named Jesus, read to me in all their truth and might, through my computer screen by a man named David Platt. This man articulates beautifully all the God has opened my heart to in the past 2 and a half years and says everything my heart desires to say. The Truth is bold, in your face, and even frightening. IT IS THE WORD OF GOD.

So here is my request. I am begging and pleading with all of you to take 8 hours out of your life to watch David Platt’s Radical series. (I am pretty sure it is supposed to span over a period of 8 weeks, but if you are like me you are going to want to watch them all back to back in a day!) Then, after you have been completely blown away, I am asking to really pray about and consider leading a small group in the study of these sermonsas well as the Faith works series that goes hand in hand with it. I believe that if we truly listen to and believe and grasp this word, it will change our nation and the world.

There are tools and all the info you need at www.radicalsmallgroups.com and all questions may be directed to radicalsmallgroups@gmail.com

I am excited to watch this spread, these Truths are compelling and life altering … It’s time to put our faith into action!

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  1. The girls I meet with for Bible study are just getting ready to finish the guide we've been using. I'm going to suggest to them that we do this series together. Even if we end up choosing to go another route I'm going to do it- one way or the other.


  2. You've received a very encouraging response to your challenge. I had bookmarked that series a few weeks ago, intending to watch it. Facing the cost of discipleship has been weighing on my heart recently. Thanks.


  3. My husband and I LOVE David Platt and the truth he speaks about God's word.

    It has challenged us in SO MANY ways and we are making some dramatic changes in our life so that we can fully seek out God's desires for our family.


  4. Katie…I noticed that the series notes are dated 08'….putting it about the time you began your journey. I was curious if you heard this before you left and if this was influential in your mission. Or if it just echos what you are already doing. Either way, really amazing. I am committing to listening to the entire series. Thank you for passing it along.


  5. Ok Katie, you're right about the Platt sermons. Im up to number 5, and I'm going to listen again before I go to work this am. Thank you for what you're doing and for your blog.


  6. I also agree with what is being taught through David, so true. I only hope and pray that more so called Christians would accept what is being taught and not ignore it. I pray America would turn fully to God, repent and turn from materialism.

    Thanks for sharing Katie, stay strong in the Lord. I would like to see the work going on in Uganda in person, and maybe meet you some day.
    Blessings, Roger


  7. Hi Katie,
    My name is Jacqulin. I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade. I go to ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin,TN. Our bible study today ( 2-28-10) was about you and how your journey is and how God has called you to do things.
    I know this is a lot to ask but if you don't mind could you just please send my 6th grade sunday school class an email through my email (runnjsms1998@gmail.com) just telling us hi and a little about your journey. Thanks for all you do!!!


  8. Visiting from Kelly's Korner, though I have actually been a reader of your blog for awhile! You are so inspiring, and you are a hero to SO SO many. Thank you!


  9. my husband and i and some of our friends LOVE how the Lord speaks through DP! we've listened to the radical series several times and the faith works series also! good stuff that is for sure life changing and heart changing! jennifer monsarrat


  10. Katie, I just want to say and re-iterate that you have literally rocked my world and I will never ever ever ever ever again be ok with living comfortably. I yearn for God to break me for his will. You have gave my heart a makeover and clearly God is speaking right through you. You are an obedient woman of God and being your same age I know the thoughts, what-ifs? that go through your head daily. I know the heartache of leaving your family thousands of miles away.

    -Carley Frazer


  11. Katie,

    I ran across your site tonight and read your first post…I totally agree that David Platt's series definately puts a different spin on our “comfortable Christianity” and the world we live in today.

    My husband and I were in Birmingham and heard David preach part of this series…he is a dynamic speaker and blessed by God.

    I look forward to reading through your blog and getting to know you better.

    Praying for you,


  12. thank you for your heart and for the earth shaking movement you are making on the other side of the world through your compassion and sacrifices as you count the cost…Christ's love shines through your story! i am so blessed to have been directed to your blog, your example of real-life discipleship is inspirational and life-changing. i give God praise for the ways He is using you in so many people's lives that you will probably never even meet. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, HE REIGNS! i look forward to the day the Lord leads me in His perfect path and timing to full-time ministry in Africa…until that day I will devote my prayers towards those who are actively reaching the poor, the orphaned, the widowed and hopeless through the love of Christ! keep it up girl!!


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  16. You “refresh the hearts of the saints”. Thank you for your encouragment and living the life that Christ calls belivers to. I am so loving the RADICAL series and live here in Bham Al and was thrilled to hear it was a local pastor. Prayers your way!


  17. Dear Katie,

    Thank you so much – not only for sharing the amazing life God has given you, but for your obedience to His word.

    As I listen to David Platt, I am challenged to my very core. My fear is that I will react like the rich young man and sink back into comfort. I pray that I don't. Your words, Platt's words, Jesus' words in His word… they all point in the same direction.

    When you take time to read these comments with your girls, please pray that we who are challenged will be obedient to Jesus' commands. I join you in your prayer that this becomes a great wave of faith and works, spreading throughout human kind.

    God bless you!


  18. Wow, Katie! I'm an event planner in KY and met David Platt at an adoption conference we hosted here a few days after this post was written. Since then, I was able to get my hands on an advanced copy of his book “Radical” coming out in May. A friend posted a link to your blog on Facebook, and well – here I am! Thanks for writing about the work that you're doing…and for keeping the dream alive in me to live with radical abandon in pursuit of our Savior!


  19. We are half-way through and it is Life-Changing. Beyond.

    I'm scrolling through your archives to determine exactly how many girls you have with you (I'm linking to you to talk about the magazine bead necklaces!) and I just found this tidbit, which I don't remember seeing before. It's one of instance of God confirming that our life is about to get cray and wonderful!

    Just wanted to share. xo


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