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  1. Katie,

    Thank you for sharing your love for Jesus and your life. Across the Ocean I can feel your pain of loving a child and not having her to hold and keep safe. I know that pain. Long after the time when the rest of the world moves past your loss, it remains with you. God is good. He brings us to Him.

    You do not stop being a parent simply because a child is in a different location. God gives them to you for a reason. She may return or remain away but she will always be yours. Hold her close in your heart and never let her go. Pray for her. Think of her. Remember the joy and know that you are a part of her as she is of you. God is good. He loves us through.


  2. I can't stop reading the post about the loss of your precious girl!! And every time I cry…Your heart is so beautiful and the way you are allowing God to use you is stunning!! His plans for you are amazing!! He will use you to touch more lives than you could have EVER imagined…I think he already is…but He will also give you more joy, life, peace, love than you have ever imagined!! He is so in love with you and His presence is so near!! Praying you find Him in even deeper ways this year!! Lots of love, Amy


  3. What a gorgeous family you have! I'm sure your Christmas was so bitter sweet with the recent loss of your daughter – I know God smiles down on you, and weaps with you. Praying for your heart to find peace and for your healing… you are such an inspiration to me!


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