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  1. What a wonderful post. I cried at the pain I hear in their stories. I praise Yah for the words you are privileged to speak to them and I will be prying for those who visit with you, praying for their needs and praying for you and your children. Blessing and hugs to you. We love you!


  2. My friend just sent me your blog link and when my “littles” go down for a nap I plan on reading all through it.

    This post brought me to tears and I am grateful to God that those people have you.


  3. Katie,
    I have been following your blog for almost one year now.
    It is hard for us to imagine, Jesus coming into our busy lives right now and saying drop everything and follow me, no questions asked, as He asked His disciples.
    It is rare to see someone do this, you did just very that. You left your life in America, your family, your friends, to follow Him.

    Thank you for being you♥


  4. I need to tell you that you have brought me to a relationship with Jesus that I never imagined for myself. For the last few years, you had been the only bible I had ever read, the only church I had ever attended. The only source of the word for me. But in January I finally found the courage and committment to find and join a church and have become like a sponge, craving and longing for his word like I have never felt before…..I got this longing from you. Thank you, for now I am filled, where once I was empty. Bless you for the work you do in Uganda and the work you do here, unknowingly being the vessle that carries God's WORD to so many and to me…..thank you.


  5. Katie,
    I have never written a comment before, but I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I am an Army wife with two children. During my husbands deployment to Afghanistan I read your blog and cried out to the Lord for you. I am moved and so humbeled by your servanthood. I see the face of God in your words, in your pictures, in the life that you show us through your blog. Thank you for being a bond-servant to our God. Thank you for encouraging me to go deeper, to give more, to believe more, to see with the eyes of my heart. I pray that the Lord speaks his blessings over you and your children. I pray that the Lord will stand beside you like he did Paul and say, “Dont be afriad, have courage, I am near”. Thanks for furthering the kingdom. I pledge to support your ministry.


  6. I am going to a very, very dangerous county in the next year for a year in order to serve the Lord. I have been experience both incredible joy at seeing people being so generous in provide financially for me to go, but experiencing deep fear that it is possible that I will never come home. You're blogs remind me why it is so worth it to follow the Lord. They remind me of His grace and strength, and of the hope that I have for the people I will be serving in the Middle East. Thank you for being obedient, it inspires me to be as well.

    To the Lord be the glory forever, Amen.


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