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  1. Amen!!!, to that. I always think about you and the girls. You make me want to do more. To be more. And increasingly want to be a missionary. I am in school to be a doctor, but I think after my certification I want to move to rural Japan and be a missionary. In fact, that is my life's goal..to spread the Word and love of God to everyone. However your faith level is leaps and bounds higher than mine. I doubt wayyy too much.


  2. I have been following your journey for a while now and this photo coupled with this verse touches my heart in a deep way. thank you for sharing your heart and experiences with us!


  3. What a TRUE blessing that you have followed your calling so early on in your life. You have been chosen to live as a Biblical example to people ACROSS THE WORLD! I thank God for your heartfelt guidance and commitment not only to these children in Uganda, but also to everyone around the globe. This is a beautiful picture reminding us of your daily struggles and blessings.


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