The scene played out as it has so many times before – a late night phone call and I jump into the van and race toward that little slum and the people that my heart so loves. People step out of the street as I bounce and bump through the dirt road – if you can even call it that. I park and jump out in only the light of the moon, expecting the worst. So many times, it has just been too late to help.
This time, something is different. I can see the woman who is sick, the one they have called me about. But instead of lying alone on the dirt per usual, she has been placed on a mat and is covered with a blanket. Neighbor women – my friends – stand all around her and Scovia puts a cup of water up to her lips. She sips. She is very sick, but stable now, and I whisper thanks.
I ask questions about her illness and her family, and women turn to go get her husband. Moments later they return, one holding her child, another carrying a basin, blankets, soap and some food – all the things needed for admittance to the local hospital. I briefly think that I haven’t even asked her to bring them. A weary looking husband follows, and without missing a beat, Angelina volunteers to accompany her to the hospital to care for her through the night and Sarah steps forward offering to babysit.
“Thank you for calling, Lillian,” I squeeze her neck tight, “and for helping her.” She doesn’t hesitate and says it so simply, “The praise belongs to God,” and she slips into the night. 
It isn’t until after I have slid the van door shut and jumped back into the driver’s seat that the full weight of what has just transpired hits me. My mind flips through the recent scenes, the faces of all these people who have captured my heart. For the first time, the only thing these friends needed me for was my car. They had done everything else themselves. In this place where child sacrifice and alcoholism are more common than friendship, in this place where consideration for a neighbor is so foreign because one must protect herself at all costs, right here in this place God was changing hearts.
They had done everything they could to help. They had kept her warm, hydrated and comfortable while they waited. They had gathered her things, encouraged her family, carried her children and shared of their time and their resources. They had loved so well.
Tears of praise streamed down my face as the van jostled back out toward the hospital. I wanted to stand on the roof and shout it into the dark, loud for all to hear, but instead whispered to the only One who made it possible: The people of Masese are learning to love their neighbors. Are loving their neighbors.

The praise belongs to God.

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  1. katie, thank you for allowing the Lord to speak and work through you. you have encouraged me to simply obey God's commands, and for that, i am forever thankful.


  2. Your blog makes us mindful of the importance of loving our neighbors, wherever we are! I was just at a nursing home this morning, visiting a friend. There are a lot of “forgotten” people there….


  3. You, your children and your work are inspirational. It has opened up a whole new world for me as I have read your book and must also congratulate you on your recent Christopher Award. This will ring out your word and his to thousands more. You give others courage as you walk His path every day Please know that others try to follow the right path even in baby steps during their daily lives.
    Thank you.


  4. praise the lord men of God .am fine in the lord ,am borne again .i thank the lord for good work you have been doing there.may the lord prepare a good crown for you in heaven .after call i have search children that needs my support but i don't have financial break through and it has been my prayer that may God give me partner ,who has a heart like you .may God bless you , i need to hear from


  5. Hi Kattie, I am MiKyung Lee from Korea and I read your book in Korean. You really inspired me and it is so nice that you share your daily life with people through this blog. This blog will be my favoriate one from now.. See you again~


  6. This touched me so much, Katie. Thank you for sharing this. The praise belongs to Him. Everything we do, everything we get recognized for–the praise belongs to God.

    Many blessings!


  7. katie, que o amor de Deus pai a paz de Cristo Jesus e a luz do Espírito Santo esteja com todos vocês de Uganda.comprei seu livro pensei que fosse ficção mas me surpreendeu sua estória de doação. fiquei muito emocionado com este seu sim. gostaria de saber se o valor das joias estão no valor da moeda Brasileira que é o real($), pois ao colocar a tradução não sei se o valor também passou para a moeda Brasileira. Obrigada pela atenção e que Deus abençõe a todos voçês.


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