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Monday: Genesis 40
Tuesday: Mark 12
Wednesday: Psalm 7
Thursday: Romans 11
Friday: Genesis 40, Mark 12, Psalm 7, Romans 11

Monday, Genesis 40

Joseph’s total confidence in hearing from the Lord to interpret the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker can indicate one thing for sure – through years of waiting, terrible trials and hardships, persecution and false accusation, Joseph has remained in communication with His Father.

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Monday: Genesis 39
Tuesday: Mark 11
Wednesday: Psalm 6
Thursday: Romans 10
Friday: Genesis 39, Mark 11, Psalm 6, Romans 10

Monday, Genesis 39

Even in the midst of all sorts of trials and temptations, God remains faithful to Joseph and Joseph remains devoted to God.

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Monday: Genesis 38
Tuesday: Mark 10
Wednesday: Psalm 5
Thursday: Romans 9
Friday: Genesis 38, Mark 10, Psalm 5, Romans 9


Monday, Genesis 38
There is nothing, nothing, that our God will not forgive, nothing that he cannot use for good. Even in Judah’s atrocious sin, God has planned to bring the lineage of Jesus through him.

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Monday: Genesis 37
Tuesday: Mark 9
Wednesday: Psalm 4
Thursday: Romans 8
Friday: Genesis 37, Mark 9, Psalm 4, Romans 8

Monday, Genesis 37

Joseph – hated by his brothers, sold into slavery as a “good alternative” to being murdered. I can’t help but think of how easy it would have been for him to despair.

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