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Monday: Genesis 49
Tuesday: Luke 5
Wednesday: Psalm 19
Thursday: Galatians 4
Friday: Genesis 49, Luke 5, Psalm 19, Galatians 4

Monday, Genesis 49
God reveals, through Jacob, that from Judah will come a king. King David will come through this line and then ultimately Christ, our eternal King, the Lion of Judah.

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Monday: Genesis 48
Tuesday: Luke 4
Wednesday: Psalm 17 and 18
Thursday: Galatians 3
Friday: Genesis 48, Luke 4, Psalm 17, Galatians 3

Monday, Genesis 48:

Jacob, who has struggled to trust God, Jacob who has wrestled with God, has now come to fully trust the promises of God – even the ones he can’t see yet.

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Monday: Genesis 47
Tuesday: Luke 3
Wednesday: Psalm 14-16
Thursday: Galatians 2
Friday: Genesis 47, Luke 3, Psalm 14, Galatians 2

Monday, Genesis 47

Even through much hardship, God has continued to provide abundantly for Joseph, Jacob, and their family. Not only are they finally reunited, but God has given them, through Pharoah, the very best of the land.

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Monday: Genesis 46
Tuesday: Luke 2
Wednesday: Psalm 13
Thursday: Galatians 1
Friday: Genesis 46, Luke 2, Psalm 13, Galatians 1

Monday, Genesis 46

My eyes fill with tears to imagine such a glorious reunion! After so many years, the son that Jacob thought was dead and gone is restored to him! And through this son, Jacob and his family are richly blessed and provided for. His greatest sorrow has become his great joy and God’s great provision.

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Monday: Genesis 45
Tuesday: Luke 1
Wednesday: Psalm 12
Thursday: Romans 16
Friday: Genesis 45, Luke 1, Psalm 12, Romans 16

Monday, Genesis 45
Judah’s great love for Benjamin brings Joseph to tears. I wonder about all that must be going through Joseph’s mind in that moment as he watches his brothers, totally transformed, as he realized all his hardship and trial has culminated in this – beautiful transformation in his family and God’s sovereign protection and provision for them now.