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I pray will help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. 

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I can’t believe this is our last week of the year! Thank YOU for journeying with me through His word and allowing me to share from my heart. I pray He continues to draw you to Himself and into His word in 2022. He truly is our treasure, friends! 

Just in case you missed it, I will not be continuing the devotional into 2022! I will be busy writing my next book (ahh!) and am so excited for the opportunity to trust God, again, to make much out of my little. I am also praying I can make this devotional available in print down the road and will keep you posted.

Let’s stay in touch in 2022, ok? I’ll have email updates from time to time, and also have some fun things planned for social media.

Grace and peace to you and yours,


Monday: Exodus 3
Tuesday: Luke 9
Wednesday: Psalm 27-29
Thursday: Ephesians 2
Friday: Exodus 3, Luke 9, Psalm 27-29, Ephesians 2

Monday, Exodus 3

“Here I am,” said Moses, and could we? Maybe we don’t get to see a burning bush but if we open our eyes to really look, if we open our ears and our hearts to really listen, we will hear the God who calls our name out to us – “Beloved, Beloved!”

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Monday: Exodus 2
Tuesday: Luke 8
Wednesday: Psalm 24-26
Thursday: Ephesians 1
Friday: Exodus 2, Luke 8, Psalm 24-26, Ephesians 1

Monday, Exodus 2

God rescues Moses through the faith of his parents and events only He could have orchestrated. Not only would Moses be saved and later raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter, but his very own mother would be allowed to keep him for the formative years of his childhood.

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Monday: Exodus 1
Tuesday: Luke 7
Wednesday: Psalm 22-23
Thursday: Galatians 6
Friday: Exodus 1, Luke 7, Psalm 22-23, Galatians 6

Monday, Exodus 1

We will barely scratch the surface of Exodus this year, but it’s just too good not to start. This beautiful redemption story, foreshadowing our rescue in Christ, gives us great hope, and I pray that you would continue to dive in long after this year is over.

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Monday: Genesis 50
Tuesday: Luke 6
Wednesday: Psalm 20-21
Thursday: Galatians 5
Friday: Genesis 50, Luke 6, Psalm 20-21, Galatians 5

Monday, Genesis 50:

These famous last words of Joseph are the words of God straight to all of His people – all the enemy intends for evil God can and will use for good.